What is Insurance?

Insurance is an agreement between you as a consumer and the company that offered Insurance. It is designed to cover any losses as agreed in the coverage sheet of your declaration page as long as you have paid the premium for the period.

Why do I need Auto Insurance?

Car accidents occur when you least expect them. Even when you are not at fault, you are expected to share your Insurance information with the other party, at the scene of the accident. If you are at fault, your auto Insurance policy will cover the damages caused by you to your own vehicle and other vehicle involved in the accident to extent that you have purchased the coverage.

Why do I need Home Insurance?

Your home is one of the major investment you will ever make in your life time. It is in your best interest to protect this investment, from external factors such as hail, wind, fire, etc.. Proper Insurance coverage will give you such protection and peace of mind. In an event of such catastrophe, having the right coverage will enable you to rebuild your home & get back to normal life as quickly as possible.  back in.  Reliable Insurance provider will cover your losses as per the agreement.

How do I get Auto Insurance?

You have options to shop for insurance based on your needs. iQuoteHub will shop for you after we collect all the requirements from you. Send us a Quote Request.

What is the cost of Insurance?

Insurance cost depends on many factors such as Value & age of  the vehicle or home,  your personal credit, Insurance history, past  driving history and other under writing terms.

What happens if I do not purchase Auto Insurance?

In an unfortunate event of loss caused by you while driving a vehicle with no coverage, damages caused to your vehicle, yourself and other vehicle and it’s occupants, you will be responsible financially for all the losses. In addition, you have to pay penalty for not having at least liability Insurance, if written up by a police officer at the scene of the accident.

Why does Insurance companies drop an Insured Person?

Insurance companies can drop Insured for one or more reasons,  such as  Suspended License, False Information submitted during obtaining Insurance, Failing to pay premium etc.

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